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Hello I been dealing with my ears for about four month now. Started off one day feling like I were going to faint. Er said anxiety without looking at me. Next week went to dr she said sinus infection. Gave me antiboctics, flonaise,allegra steroid pac.. Since then been feeling a little off dizzy but room not spinning just weird dizzy feeling. Last week went to dr again my ears are cracking popping ears are ringing still got the dizzy feeling. He said my nose were congested gave me flonaise told me to take zertec..I so fed up with this its going on four months now  am started to get a little anxiey with this. I have noticed as time goes on the more my ears are cracking and popping. Is this a good thing? How can I realieve this. I can handle everything but the dizzy feeling I get. Will this eventualy go away.I don't have insurance and paying out of pocket is making me broke now. What do you suggest me taking. I tried the hot steam and when I do this I can feel a lot of mucus running in my throat. I been drinking a lot of water also. I have also heared you can not take flonaise for a long period of time is this true and how long should I take this for? Any help would do me good right now. Tired of dealing with this. Thank You...

Hello Kayla,

I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well.  It sounds as though you may have some middle ear issues (cracking, popping, etc) which may also be contributing to the dizziness. Often the crackling and popping is a good sign as any fluid or inflammation from the Eustachian tube and middle ear may be decreasing.   

Drinking water is a good idea and sometimes taking a deep breath and plugging nose while you perform a hard swallow can help open the Eustachian tube (connects throat and middle ear) to help equalize air pressure and drain fluid.  Try this several times per day.  Sometimes these issues can go away on their own, but after this much time, I would recommend you see an ENT (ear, nose, throat physician), who would be a doctor that specializes in this type of problem.  He/she would also be able to better advise you on the Flonase.

Sorry I could not be more helpful and I hope you find relief very soon.  


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