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For about 4 days now, perhaps more since it initially started,  I have had what I presumed to be an ear infection due to a slight cold. I have since overcome the symptoms of a cold,  and feel fine aside from a slight smokers cough. My question is in regards to the fact that since my ear became plugged, it has not seemed to clear itself out. I have cleaned it several times with a home remedy reccomended by a friend which combines warm baby oil and hydrogen peroxide. I let it drain each time and gently cleaned ot with a cue tip which revealed a foul smelling black goop. In doing so, i also feel as if something is lodged on my throat, as well as being about 40% deaf in my right ear (the one in question for all of this.) The mufflednhearing has been a constant since about 3 days in. What should i do and what does all thisn mean?

Hello David,

I am sorry you are having this problem.  My first thought is that you should stop using the home remedy.  There are some combinations that can be used and are recommended for home use/earwax removal(including hydrogen peroxide), but I have never heard of baby oil and H2O2--this may actually be producing the "goop". Also, use of a q-tip can pack earwax deeper into the ear (if this is part of your problem).  A 50/50 mixture of H202 and distilled water at body temperature is a better alternative if you must use something (although this does not sound like the solution to your problem). You see, you are attempting to clean the ear canal, which is not typically involved as part of a cold.  

What is commonly affected by upper respiratory infections is the throat, Eustachian tube, and middle ear.  You may have developed some negative air pressure behind the eardrum or even some fluid.  When you swallow or yawn and your ears "crackle and pop" this is the Eustachian tube opening and allowing air/fluid to pass between the middle ear and throat.  You may try taking a deep breath and holding (close mouth and plug nose) while performing a hard swallow to see if this opens the Eustachian tube and starts helping.  If you hear some crackling or popping than continue doing this several times a day.

If things do not improve within a day or two, or you develop other symptoms or feel worse, you need to see your physician.


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