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Big A wrote at 2007-08-23 21:00:35
I was glad to find this website and someone else who has the same condition that I do.  I have the same hole on the upper part of my right ear.  I have always wondered how that got there and what its function is.  My cousins and grandmother have them as well.

I live in Austin,TX which is arguably the allergy capital of the world. I have not experianced any pain from the hole but I have noticed that when I have sinus or allergy flair ups, that the hole will itch and have a smelly, tan colored discharge. It will even scab up at times depending on the amount of discharge.  I am not sure where this discharge is coming from or if there is a particular gland that secretes this.

Other than the occasional itch and discharge it really has not posed any other health threat.

Its my genes wrote at 2007-10-01 00:14:17
I have this hole too, it is genetic and not at all any problem.  The pain you may be feeling could be due to infection of that hole.  What you need to do is put a hot pack on it to allow the bacteria to multiply, then, this will be uncomfortable, you need to squeeze your ear.  What I do is put one finger behind the area and one on top--don't cover up the hole--and wiggle around.  This will eject the bacteria.  It might be yellow or orange and thick, don't be alarmed.  Just wash it well with soap and water after you are done with this process.  To prevent this infection I squeeze my ear every other day.  Keeps it clean.

Hope that helped...

Lindsey wrote at 2008-03-29 03:48:04
I have them too on both sides...I've never had a problem with them. I also have a 12 month old that has both the holes by her ears and two on her neck. I recently noticed a clear discharge coming from the ones one her neck and asked her doctor about it who suggested an ultrasound of the kidneys because apparently they could be connected to kidney problems...hopefully that is not the case but i hoped that helped a little because i to often wondered "just what are those holes?"

D with the extra ear holes! wrote at 2009-03-13 10:15:39
I have the same thing! No pain though, I'm 26 (female) and noticed it around age 10 or 11. I've done so many internet searches and have never found anything about it before now. Please update here if you ever find out!

Amber wrote at 2009-08-08 15:55:53
I had this same thing. When I was 13, the hole became pus-filled and infected, so they did an outpatient operation to seal the open cavity. They stretched a tiny bit of my skin and covered it. I don't have the hole anymore. I have not had any problems since. You probably have an extra sinus cavity too. I would ask about the above procedure.

preguntaspreguntas wrote at 2009-08-16 01:18:31
As the previous poster said, a definitive diagnosis cannot be given over the internet. That said, I believe these are preauricular cysts, and the discharge is keratin. These are quire common. More than likely, the don't lead anywhere, though they sometimes have a "tunnel," known as a sinus, attached to them that could run out from the hole, toward your face a little bit. These ordinarily cause no problems at all, though they (and the associated sinus, if any) can be surgically excised if necessary. I can't say whether these could be contributing to your current problems. As the other poster said, a good ENT would be the person to see about these (and, could tell you if they are contributing to or the cause of your current problems).

Reulle wrote at 2010-10-22 23:41:03
I have the same thing, but mine doesn't hurt. I've always had it all my life, and I would notice the smell once in a while. I didn't really know, where it came from until I was in the mirror and looked at it while it was dried up. Now that I realized where its coming from I'm wondering what it is.

laughing at the expert advice wrote at 2011-06-04 05:00:31
Ok, the so called "expert" doesn't know what the extra hole is either. Some expert. I've seen these layman sites a lot and it's always the same thing. An "expert" says don't worry about, so it's ok? For one, he isn't an expert. He's an MD with no specializations people. He's not an ENT doctor. The part about this hole being linked to kidney disease is correct though and it makes me wonder why he wouldn't know that? He is no doubt, american. Do your homework, then go to an ENT specialist and for gods sake don't troll layman sites for answers.

chris love wrote at 2011-06-14 14:12:34
I had this when I was 4 years old in japan. They told me I had an extra sinus and they closed it up for me. It was a tiny hole that fluid would come out of it. It smelled really bad.. Surgery was my cure..

chelle wrote at 2011-06-28 23:05:40
I have had this hole in my ear all my life, but when i was about 12 and my allergies started to set in and this hole in my ear start to leak. My doctor told me it was because of a mucus sake and the drainage is pus. The only way to permanently get ride of it is to have the doctor operate and remove the mucus sake.

Hope this helps you out!

Jo-E wrote at 2011-07-02 20:07:55
I had them both in my ears. When I was about 12, 11 years ago, my right side of my head had swollen from my ear down. It was filled with a thick, white puss. I was young and don't really remember many of the details but I know the extra sinus cavity was the problem. I had one surgery to drain it out but it kept coming back. 2 surgeries later and it was finally fixed I was told but by that time, my ear and much of my side of my face was really scarred. I had plastic surgery to fix it, all while I was 12/13, and now you can't tell a difference, other than that hole being gone.  

poohbear wrote at 2012-06-13 14:39:34
My 49 year old father has the same thing one on each treigus. He said that he's asked every doctor that he's. Seen in the past 20 or so years and none have any asnwers for him.  

Virgi wrote at 2013-03-05 15:05:25
This is an evolutionary sign. A nurse pointed them out when m grandson was born. She said boys usually have them on both sides; girls on one. Many HUGE spirits are incarnating now, during this Transformation. They have more DNA strands activated. Society is labeling these advanced humans as ADHD, drugging them, operating on them, etc. but the Transformation cannot be stopped.  The DNA of the rest of us is changing to be like theirs. Look it up.  


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