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rykor wrote at 2013-12-30 18:50:28
For what it is worth, as a non professional, I have had nasal polyps for years.  The standard medical choices of surgery and steroids to keep them at bay are limited and crude at best. What I have learned is that depending on size and inflammation my hearing comes and goes.  There are a number of reasons for this that relate to swelling, pressure etc. After some years of personal research into how to reduce the causes of the allergic/immune response and numerous non desirable side effects, there is one non magic not silver bullet finding I can report. Diet! Too may aspects of that for this space, but suffice to say that unpopular though it may be in the medical/food/pharma. industries there is a direct correlation between changes in the composition of most processed foods we consume, flora in our guts, and the cumulative effects on our bodies over time. If I am wrong, then what explains the huge rise in diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer's - to name 3 obvious epidemics? Unfortunately you will have to leave the medical communities currently limited model behind and embark on your own path to get meaningful answers and results.  Not an easy road to follow. good luck


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