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Ram wrote at 2012-12-31 05:46:13
I am also having same feeling, First i had Fasciculation in my palm and 2 weeks later some noise in my right ear like air pressure is coming out but almost after every minute , don't know is there any relation in these two.  


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Dave Walker, A.C.A. (Audioprosthologist)


I will be happy to attempt to answer any questions concerning hearing loss as related to helping understand the psychological, physical, and trauma associated with fitting and adjusting to hearing instruments. I have been fitting and dispensing hearing instruments for the past 12 years and am a board certified audioprosthologist. I also personally wear hearing instruments and can relate to those with the problem.


Have been wearing hearing aids since 1979. Have worn each style at some point in time. Have been a licensed dispenser since 1984. Am a board certified Audioprosthologist.

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