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My husband was a sole proprietor in his lawncare business. in 2010 his only income from the business was a 1099misc. Then in 2011 he didnt utilixe his business and instead worked and got a w2 so no schedule c was filed in 2011. in 2012 he utilized his business again and only received 1099 income. I just did my taxes for 2012 and realized i didnt check the box that said "if you started or reopened ur business in 2012 check the box, or if u didnt submit a schedule c in 2011" is this gonna cause concern to the IRS? i submitted all income just forgot to check that box.

I doubt that you will hear from the IRS. There is always a small chance your return could get some unwanted attention, but usually even that is something found by a computer. If you submitted your return electronically and it was accepted you are probably fine.  


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