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your previous advice helped me to decide to fly into Brisbane rather than Cairns.   we plan to fly into and stay in Brisbane for awhile and then head up to as far as Hervey Bay (in order to see Lady Elliot Island/part of Great Barrier reef) then backtrack back down and eventually finish in Melbourne.   
I was looking at the Nundah area for accommodations and checking out the Airbnb apartments.
What do you think about that area?  
the reason I picked that is
1. wouldn't have much of a drive from the airport and after a long flight I wanted to try to minimize driving in a big city while getting used to left hand traffic
2.I checked and the sunshine line has a station in Nundah and Tombul which only takes 20 minutes to get to Central or Roma stations so we wouldn't have to worry about driving downtown.
3. I can't find any negative remarks about that area.  For example there have been posts that some areas of Fortitude Valley were not safe but I haven't seen that (yet?) with Numbah
4. When done visiting Brisbane we plan to head North and so we'd already be on the north side of Brisbane.
anyway, I just wanted to run it by you as this was just more of a random pick that seems to be ok but for all I know it could be a not so good area or there might be better areas to stay?

      The area you selected is a very good choice.
Your reasons
1. - Very good idea. You are about 10 minutes from the airport. I struggled in San Francisco driving, so it makes sense what you suggest.

2. - Once again a great idea. Nundah & Toombul stations are very close, and you will have trains to and from there at least every 15 minutes weekdays. and more often during peak. The translink app is the transport app for Brisbane. It may help when you get here.

3. Nundah is a great little suburb. They have a little village, with lots of coffee shops and restaurants. The bottom Pub is Italian themed, and does very good food. There is a supermarket close to the station. It has it all.

4. You are about 5 minutes to the Gateway Motorway (Freeway) which is the feeder road to the north coast highway. Staying there will definitely make it a quicker trip when heading north. Just be aware, there are road works just north of there, it gets very congested for the afternoon peak heading north. Make sure you leave Nundah before 3pm when heading north, and you will not have an issue.

I think you have selected a great location, so good hunting on Airbnb. I can also vet the exact place if you want before you book. I have used Airbnb a lot, and I can usually find the exact place on Google earth to get another feel for the place. I am about 15 minutes from Nundah, and can check the place out if you wish.

Once again, if I can help any more, just contact me.


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QUESTION: G'day Frank:
you've been so helpful, I hate to pester you but just a quick question.  I just noticed the Brisbane Festival and wondered if that is something that the city gets very crowed with "outsiders" coming to see it or if it more for the locals.   I was planning on staying in Brisbane from September 15 for 5 to 7 days but before booking I just wanted to see if your city is going to be crowded during the festival as I can always arrange to go North for awhile and work back and stay around Brisbane after the festival is over.
thanks again

Hi Rod,
      It is not an issue answering a question, so don't worry.

The Brisbane festival only has one crowded night, and that's the night of Riverfire, and it is spectacular.

Riverfire is the fireworks display that happens simultaneously at 3 points along the river, in and around the CBD. There is a flyover of jets and helicopters as well. Riverfire is Saturday 24th September, and I would try to be in Brisbane on that day if you can. We have a great vantage point for Riverfire, as we live on the river. Contact me again if you want to join us.

I would not worry about going north. In fact the city has events that are worth seeing during the festival.

Just a point on lady Elliot Island. While you can see the Great Barrier Reef from there, the island does not have much else. 1 day there would be enough, unless you wanted to visit the reef more than once.

Do not feel you are ever pestering me. I like to promote Brisbane and Australia, so feel free to contact me anytime.



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