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Autism/1 y/o very serious and lack of eye contact


Part of me feels like I am jumping the gun with this question, but because I am a teacher I think I am more aware of certain things. My daughter is 13 months and she is a huge contrast to her 4 year old sister. I know that every child is different, but her sister was saying words and doing ‘baby tricks’ (example  answering ‘what does a dog say?’) and quite smiley and interactive with everyone.  My 13 month old is serious most of the time, only really smiles when I try to entertain her (she will give a little giggle and smile), very clingy to her parents, doesn’t warm up easily to others, doesn’t really babel much (does shriek when she wants something) and only will make eye contact for a few seconds  (and sometimes not at all). She is quite mobile and was crawling at the right age, tries to put on her own shoes, tries to use a spoon, walks while holding a table etc. I guess it is the lack interaction with others and eye contact that makes me worried. I mean she does do it, but nowhere nearly as often as other children her age. My wife just thinks she is more serious than our other child. Also recently she has started the habit of just laying her head down on the floor (but that may be due to a cold).  Am  I being too cautious or are these signs?  I think my biggest issue is I read message boards that include comments from people who really aren’t experts.
Thanks for your help.

Hey David,

Thank you for your interesting question.

Your question represent the most difficult one we get in the Autism community as it is the most people are the most interested in: Diagnosing Autism at a super early age,(infantile).
I do not know what to say in terms of a diagnosis, however your best bet is to enlist the services of a pediatrician neurologist. They might have a waiting list but if you can find a competent clinician that is knowledgeable in autism they might be able to get an accurate diagnosis by 2 years old. But any diagnosis under 3 years old is very difficult at best.

Good luck.


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