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Autism/Granddaughter with ASD and sensory issues


Hello Doctor:  I have a 10 year 4 month old granddaughter recently diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.  She was originally diagnosed at age 4 with ADHD.  At age 7, it was determined that she has sensory disorder and has been seeing an Occupational Therapist since then.  Over the course of the years, she has been diagnosed with OCD, behavioral disorders and possible Bipolar, which I am being treated for.  When she was 4, she could do math, read at a 2nd grade level, and could remember incidents from age 2 clearly. Now, she can barely read at first grade level and, though she can add on the second grade level, she cannot grasp subtraction. She has been on every medication I can think of and is currently on Kapvay, Celexa and Geodon.  Her medications are still being adjusted.  She has been educationally tested and her I.Q. is 132.  She sees the O.T. for upper body strength, fine finger movement, sensory issues and leg strengthening.  We have been told that she has the emotional age of 5.  My daughter tried home schooling this year and, although it started off quite well, it has simply fallen apart.  I hope I have given you enough info to help me with my question.  Anna was in public school kindergarten through third grade.  She did fairly well in kindergarten and first grade, but very nearly failed 2nd and 3rd although we provided her teachers with aids and information from the O.T., the teachers, especially her last one, told her she could never pass and isolated her from the other children.  We complained and forced the school to provide an I.E.P. so that we could get the McKay Scholarship and send her to a private school, however, though we did get the scholarship, my daughter decided to home school, so we have now lost it.  We are very concerned with what to do in the next school year.  We, as are most people, fairly limited in funds, and we want to be sure we know what kind of school she needs.  She seems to be slowly getting worse in all areas and we are completely confused now.  What kind of schooling does she need and is she going to get worse?  Knowing what we need and what to expect will help.  Thank you for your time.

Oh, Tricia. What a worry this must be for all of you.

I've read what you wrote three times and the most troublesome part of it is the regression you describe. The diagnoses of autism, ADHD, OCD and bipolar do not explain the significant lapse in academic skills you describe. Have you noticed any changes in her language skills as well?

Despite her good intellectual abilities, you don't paint a picture of a child doing well academically. What do you think is the problem? Is her behavior so extreme that she cannot accomplish anything in school? Do you think she can do the assignments but will not?

If you don't see her academic difficulties as stemming primarily from oppositional defiance, then I would worry about what may be going on cognitively. I would suggest that you discuss this with her psychiatrist or neurologist. Explain, with concrete examples the things she used to be able to do that she cannot manage now. Examples from school would help as well, as would samples of her previous writing, the books she read at age 4, compared to now, etc.

I agree with your concern over the type of schooling best suited to your grandchild, but would first try to determine the underlying reasons for her lack of academic progress.

I wish you and your family all the best with this,


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