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Jene, do serious social difficulties, absent special interests and other symptoms of autism or other learning disabilities, mean that a 10 year old boy is on the spectrum?

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Those things do not mean that someone has autism, but they are red flags for autism.  Basically, when red flags are observed its recommended that someone get a full evaluation.  This way, if they do need services of any kind, they can receive help for challenges and difficulties.

There are many people with sensory challenges, special interests, learning delays, speech delays and social difficulties who do not have autism.  It all depends on how many of the criteria one meets, and how severely they are afflicted with the associated characteristics of autism.  Typically, people with autism have a number of these characteristics to a pervasive degree, in other words, it affects and impedes their daily functioning.

Your question gave very little info, and therefore I hope my response has given what you were looking for.

Wishing you all the best.

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