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I know a 12 year old who was functioning at a high level of Autism until about 2 months ago.  Until that time, this child was outgoing, communicative, with good vocabulary and speaking clearly. Suddenly, this child seems more withdrawn, speaks in a much lower tone and mumbles so that it's very difficult to understand him/her. To me, this is very different than the energetic child was 2 months ago, and I am worried that something more is going on.  Is it common for an Autistic child to regress after 12 years?

No, Diane, it's not common for a high functioning child to regress at age 12, at least not because of autism. I would be concerned that something else is going on.

First, how is he medically? Some kids with autism do not read their body signs well or may not complain of discomfort. It's possible for a child to have an ear infection or bladder infection without his caregivers being aware of the problem. An infection or illness can bring about behavioral changes in some children.

If he takes medication, has there been a changed in the meds or in the dose he takes? I knew a child whose behaviour altered inexplicably. The pharmacy had made a mistake and the wrong dose of his usual medication was dispensed, causing these reactions. There might be other, neurological reasons that could account for the changes you see in this boy. I would suggest starting with a medical examination.

Has anything changed in his life? Has he moved into a new home, living with different people, or lost some of the stability that has made his life safe and predictable?

It is not uncommon for high functioning adolescents to be bothered by mood disorders or depression.This is a time when peers are flexing their social wings and responding to each other in ways they may not have when younger. Adolescence is a time to go with the "in" fads - say the right words, wear the right clothes, listen to the right music, but these non-written rules often pass right over the heads of kids on the autism spectrum and they find themselves outside of a social circle. This is a tumultuous time for any young teen, but can be especially rough for a child with autism and the possibility of depression should be considered.

I think you are correct to be worried about this young man and the changes you observe.


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