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I have a question about my son and autism. There are a few significant things that are concerning me. He is 18 months old. He doesn't really play with toys. He will kind of fiddles around with them for a minute or so and then move onto something else. He likes to dump things out of a bag and put them back in (legos). We were in the library yesterday and he played with something for a few seconds and then would walk around looking around and then jump in my lap.

He is also very attached to me. He constantly wants to be held and cries when I leave him even to go to the bathroom. He does go to other people but prefers me - which gets exhausting. He has been this way since birth.

The other concern is that he loves zippers. He loves to walk around with a sweatshirt and run his pointer and thumb along the zipper. When he sees a zipper on a jacket he likes to touch it.

He doesn't consistently point with his index finger. Sometimes he will to show me something or point something out and other times he will use his whole hand.

He has never slept through the night in his life. He at least wakes up one time for some milk or just to make sure I am there.

He has met his milestones on time. He loves to cuddle and kiss. He is now starting to use two word phrases - hold it, mommy up, mommy huggie. He has an older sister (3) which he does love to imitate and follow around. He likes to look at other kids but is not yet very social with them. He does say hi to adults and smile at them when we are out and about. He likes to play peekaboo and he does like to read through books. He does bring things to show me and bring me books to read him. He doesn't necessarily sit through the whole book.

He is a very good listener and I could tell him to do something and he will do it (put your shirt in the drawer and close the drawer). He also always responds to his name.

I am not sure if those are red flags that should warrant an evaluation. It has me very concerned.

Your guidance is appreciated.

Hi Stephanie,

I am sorry for the delay is replying; I think your question became lost in cyberspace until it was re-forwarded to me.

With so much in the media these days about autism, it is normal to wonder if your child might be showing some of the signs. We all worry and want the best for our kids.

It is impossible to rule in or out a diagnosis over the internet without meeting the child and spending time together. But, based on only what you have written here, autism is not something that springs to my mind.

You mention a number of positives about your son:

- he has met developmental milestones on time.
- you describe his receptive and expressive language skills as typical for an 18 month old
- he is affectionate with you and will respond to strangers by smiling and looking
- he wants to share things with you
- he correctly follows two step oral directions (this is a real strength for a child of his age)
- he imitates his older sister

The aspects that might be worrying you are:

- his attention span
- his enjoyment in feeling his zipper
- his attachment to you

From the descriptions you provided, I am not sure that his attention span is unusual for a boy of his age.

May kids with autism either seek out or avoid certain things to touch. I think that is what yo fear about your son's enjoyment of zippers. This alone would not yield a diagnosis, but it is worth noting how frequently he engages in this action, how long it lasts each time, and how he responds when he is interrupted when rubbing his zipper.

Here is a link to a website that explains to parents some of the signs of autism:

This next link provides comparison videos of kids of various ages. There will be a video showing a child with autism, and a video showing a child of the same age who does not have autism.

But no, based on what you have written, I do not think you need to worry about your son having an autism spectrum disorder.


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