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What should I do?
I'm 18 and I have autism and it makes my life a living hell as I have no job, no friends, no hobbies and nothing to live for. I feel like my life gets worse while everyone else's gets better.

Everyone else in my age range has so much more potential than me, I am always the weakest link at everything I do.

I try to achieve something I like but autism either makes me forget or makes me lose focus and I virtually beg myself not to fall into that trap but everytime it just gets worse and that's how it's been for over a year.

Hello Ben,

I am not sure whether I am going to be a valuable help, however I will try to be as helpful as I can be.
I am unable to understand how hard life can be for you. Being different in some way is always difficult and you need to know that each and every one of us experience those difficulties to some extent. Some of us are better or worse to deal with this, which ultimately depends on our previous experiences. Nonetheless, this does not translate into less devastating moments whilst we try to make sense of which way to go and what our passions and strengths are.
You need to keep in mind that even though the fact that you have autism may difficult your social life, it also introduces you to new perspectives and perceptions  of life and everything involved with it, thus making you an interesting individual who can shed light into subjects most persons may not understand.
Furthermore, you need to search for what makes you experience joy in life, what do you prefer doing more than anything, and maybe focus on that and find peers who also share the same interests, independently of them having or not autism.
I am certain you have great potential and you will find what it consists of, sooner or later.
I am sorry for not providing you with more directive answers.
Feel free to contact me when needed,



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Cátia Oliveira


Being a speech therapist and a homeschool teacher I can answer questions related to communication, speech, interaction, relations with others, intervention, education and especially family and community respect for the amazing individuals that children with autism have proven to be in my career. I am especially interested in theory of mind development.


I have been a speech therapist for more than three years. I have been practicing both in clinic, educational and home settings. In have been working with children with autism for a long time and I have known children with autism with extremely different characteristics which provided me with the expertise to understand this developmental disorder with more accuracy.

I have a degree in speech therapy from Escola superior de tecnologia da saúde do porto and i have been a frequent presence on seminars and workshops about communication and language. Also, I have a great interest for autism and I have been researching this field for a long amount of time.

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