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Do you think I have autism?

Here are my symptoms -

- I rarely talk or make eye contact, because I'm so self-conscious.
- I stutter a lot when I'm nervous.
- I'm obsessive compulsive, and I do the same things over and over again.
- I bang my head a lot when I'm scared or frustrated.
- When I worry about something, the worry dominates my mind and I lose sight of everything else. It's like I'm in a different world and the world around me doesn't exist. I'm in my own little world almost all the time.
- I have trouble understanding and following instructions, because I'm easily confused.
- I never go outside, because my fears of people and going outside are too severe.
- I barely do anything, because doing things is so scary and overwhelming. Everything in life is so scary.
- I scream and have horrible temper tantrums a lot when I'm scared.
- I never bathe and I never wash or brush my hair, because those things are so scary.
- I can't handle any stress, because life and all its problems are so scary and overwhelming. I also can't handle any changes in life, because change is so scary.
- I know the TV can read my mind, because a lot of things that I think about end up on TV. It's like the TV is stealing my thoughts. God and angels like to send me signs through the TV. Everyday, I look for signs from them. Whenever I see numbers on TV, I look for 3 or 4 of the same number in a row (i.e. 1111, 333, 777, etc...) because angels like to talk with numbers, and whenever I see a cross or Jesus on TV, I know that God is trying to talk to me.


Hello Kari,

I am so sorry for what you are experiencing, it seems like you are going through a tough time.
As you might have predicted, I am unable to make a diagnose just based on self-reported symptoms, thus I invite you to see a psychologist since, from what you narrated, it seems like you are suffering from intense and, maybe generalised, anxiety. From your report it does not seem like you have autism, but only a proper assessment would allow one to exclude that diagnosis. Hence, for the sake of you having a better life from now on, make sure you see a psychologist just to check if everything is alright with you and maybe you will feel better from there on.

I am sorry for not being able to help you more directly, but if you feel the need to contact me again, you can always do it.

Best regards and best of luck,



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Cátia Oliveira


Being a speech therapist and a homeschool teacher I can answer questions related to communication, speech, interaction, relations with others, intervention, education and especially family and community respect for the amazing individuals that children with autism have proven to be in my career. I am especially interested in theory of mind development.


I have been a speech therapist for more than three years. I have been practicing both in clinic, educational and home settings. In have been working with children with autism for a long time and I have known children with autism with extremely different characteristics which provided me with the expertise to understand this developmental disorder with more accuracy.

I have a degree in speech therapy from Escola superior de tecnologia da saúde do porto and i have been a frequent presence on seminars and workshops about communication and language. Also, I have a great interest for autism and I have been researching this field for a long amount of time.

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