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Auto Air Conditioning & Heater Repair/Replac e heater core on 95 Cutlass Ciera SL?


mark heilman wrote at 2013-08-03 22:34:57

I just did this removal of the heater core on a 95 Cutlas Siera w/AC...

Having a body that can bend upside down helps...  lots of screws... tis doable, patience helps... from the passenger seat looking forward, the right side of the heater core there is about a 4X4 piece of plastic that has to be removed as well as the heater cover to pull the heater core out.  Also... at 128K the heater core pipes on the outside of the firewall get seated in and are a bear to break loose... finally... the old saying if you can't see it, you can't work on it applies to all the screws, including the ones holding in the heater core brackets..  Will update later how putting it all back together goes.  Something tells me tis easier to take out, then put back in.  Oh.. yeah.. remove the alternator to get to the hoses on the outside fire wall, easier than moving the engine...  

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