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Auto Air Conditioning & Heater Repair/Audi a4 2003 aircon not blowing cold when very hot


Hi my car aircon does not blow very cold when it is very hot outside. When the temperature is above 27 degrees Celsius it blows out lukewarm air. I had a problem with my compressor and replaced it but now this is happening. Should I replace my condensor and drier as well or what could the problem be?


I wouldn't replace anything else until you are sure the system has gas and the compressor is engaged.
If you are sure it has gas and enough of it, start the engine engage the a/c then lift the bonnet.
Find the two a/c aluminium hoses on the upper wing.
These are on the drivers side ( RHD) One should be noticeably colder than the other.
If it isn't one of three things is a problem.
No gas, no power to the system or a restriction caused by  debris from the last compressor failure.
Could you carry out a temperature test of the two pipes and let me know the outcome then I can help you further.

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