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I have a 2010 Honda Insight, I had an accident and everything has been fixed; however, they forgot to reset the SRS airbag light on the dash. It says "Check airbag system" on the digital display in the dash. I have tried putting the paper clip in the MES wire, and turning the ignition to on, then taking the paper clip off when the light goes off, but for some reason its not working. The yellow MES wire has four holes; and I'm not sure which ones to put the paper clip into. Also, this warning is a digital warning; not the standard light in the dash that come on and off; didn't know if that make a difference.

Thanks for your advise!

Hello Jack:

The system you are working on is a lot more complicated that they used to be.  I would NOT recommend you go poking around with a paper clip trying to 'jump' terminals to clear the codes.  You used to be able to do that, but not many car allow that anymore.  You do have a fualt in your system and you do need a scan tool to read the fault codes an determine what it needs to reset.  My guess is that the OCS (Occupant classification System) is the culprit.  Your vehicle has a seat sensor in the passenger seat that reads the weight of the passenger and determines the deployment speed of the right side airbag in case of an accident.
This system needs to be re-calibrated whenever there is a deployment or components are replaced in the system.  And to do this, you do need the Honda Scan tool and software.  I would suggest you contact the body shop that repaired your vehicle and ask them if this step was completed.  If not, you may have t go to the Honda dealer to accomplish this final step and submit a supplement to the insurance company for payment of this required procedure.  It's all part of the claim and repair.
Good luck

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