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the airbaglite came on a couple wks ago on start-up when it was 7below.a few days later when warmed up,it am back's an 03 taurus{build date 9/02].it flashes lfc34 for 5 cycles then sets on.from what i've seen,could be drivers airbag or pretensioner.any info would be appreciated.tnx,loc

Hello Lewis:
Sorry about your car.  You are correct.  the flash code is indicating a fault in the passenger side seat belt buckle pretensioner.  This can be anything from a poor connection under the seat to a bad seat belt pretensioner to a bad control unit.  Most likely it will be one of the first 2 things.  I would suggest you reboot the connector to the buckle pretensioner (this one will be hard to do as it is located under the seat).  You need to make sure you are rebooting the correct one.  If that does not remedy it, I would recommend replacing it

Good luck

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