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I have a 2003 Ford explorer sport trac, my SRS light is on. When it comes on, it flashes a sequence of 4-2. I also hooked up srs code reader and got B2296. I was told it was  Impact Sensor Status (Front Impact Severity Sensor Circuit Fault). is this correct and where is the sensor mounted?

Front sensor
Front sensor  
Hello Joe:

Your assessment of the problem is correct.  The codes both match a problem with the front sensor.  this is a fairly common problem due to the location of the sensor (it corrodes easily).  The sensor is located on the center radiator core support just below the hood latch.  Most likely you will need to replace both the sensor and the connector as that's where the corrosion is usually found.  I have included a picture for your convenience.

Make sure you disable the system properly before working on it.
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