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I Have a 2010 insight with only 16,000 miles. I went in for my state inspection, and they said that the airbag mechanism is faulty and will need to be replaced for $1300. The 3 year warranty expired in December. I have never been in an accident, or deployed the airbag. This is a manufacturer defect. Why am I being asked to pay? Is there any recourse.

Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello Sunshine:
Was your airbag light indicator lit before you went in for your inspection.  That would have indicated a fault and given you warning.  If not, how did they determine the system is failing?  If so, the you had time to have it checked before the inspection.  In either case, in light of the airbag incidents in the news recently (counterfeit and recalls) I would recommend you contact your local Honda dealer and ask them what they will do for you.

Other than that, the cost and burden to maintain your car is always yours.

Good luck

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The indicator light has been on for a week, and I got the inspection at the dealer. I have all of my service done there.

I'm sorry for your troubles.  The only other thing you can do is get a second opinion from another Honda specialist (not necessarily a dealer)

Finally, double check to make sure the airbag system is in fact part of the inspection requirements.  Many states DO NOT include the an airbag system in their vehicle inspection requirements.

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