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Srs module
Srs module  

Srs module
Srs module  
I have problem with my srs module on Honda insight 2010
I had accident and front airbags deploys.
I did bought new airbags, seatbelts and now am trying to
Reset my module.
The problem is that not many people can do it, the only company
I found is in USA.
My question is:
If I do reset that module, did I have to cler errors in my car?
Can I use other module brand new but with different serial number?
If I can wot I need to do to make everything work again?

Please help me to answer those questions if you can.
Kind regards

Hello Kris:

Sorry about your deployment.  The only answer we offer is to repair the car according to the manufacturer requirements.  That entails replacing the airbag control module, not resetting it.  If you do that, you will have no problems.  I can't tell you how many questions I answer about issues AFTER a control module has apparently been "reset"
There are specific items that are required replacement items when a deployment occurs or when an airbag light comes on...and there are some items that are "check only".  Check out the website below for the EXACT answers to your questions including fault code charts. This site tells you exactly what needs to be replaced and how to access them (seat belts & all) on over 4500 cars.  It's a pay site ($14.95 / day), but it's little money well spent to get the correct answers and to see exactly what you're uses pictures, not text, so you can see what you’re looking for.
This is the same website insurance companies and body shops use to determine what needs to be replaced.

Good luck

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