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Hi, I have a 2010 Ford Ranger. The airbag light comes on periodically. No codes are apparent. I have it at my local ford dealer. They see the problem, but say they can't fix it unless the airbag light is on. So far they can't get the light to come back on.I am afraid to drive it because of this problem. Help! The truck has only 15000 miles on it.

Hello Stephen
Sorry about your truck.
When the airbag light illuminates, it means the system will not function in case of an accident.  It does not mean it could deploy at any time.
When the light comes on it triggers a fault code that should be detectable by a scan tool capable of reading airbag faults.  It doesn't sound right that they can't find the fault unless the light is on...they system is designed to retain the faults as a history file within the control unit.  If it does not show a code, then I would suspect the control unit itself is failing and recommend replacing that...not just send you on your way.
These are just my thoughts, but I might suggest another Ford dealer if you are so inclined.

I hope that gives yo a little more information to work with.
Good luck

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