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Auto Airbag System Repair/airbag deployment ..want to repair vehicle


had incident with deer in  my 2007 infiniti g35 coup..driver side airbag deployed as well as drivers side curtain airbag.  ins co wants to total my car....however i would like to keep my car! only has 74 k mint condition otherwise (minor body damage to drivers side rocker., ? door) how involved is ths repair,  hearing too many differing opinions from too many different mechanics..makin me crazy!.  i really want my car!  any feedback re cost...labor intensity..and time most appreciated.  oh..and does it have to be reprogrammed by infiniti dealer..,  ?      thank you sincerely!  a.m.

Hi Anna:

1st, the insurance totalled it because the cost to fix it exceeds the value and what you can replace it for.  If you try to fix it and cut corners, you will not be happy with the result or you will find it will cost much more than "side" mechanics are telling you.
2nd, there is nothing that needs programming to remedy this airbag system.  The part they think needs to be programmed  needs to be replaced to repair the car properly (according to Nissan/Infinity repair manuals).
3rd and finally, my company sells the information on exactly what to replace in the airbag system when they deploy...every car is different.  Here is a link to our company website.  Access to the database for a day to look up your car is $14.95.  That way, if you decide to fix it, you will be able to print it off and know what it takes to repair your airbag and seat belt systems to restore that portion of the vehicle properly.  

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