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Auto Airbag System Repair/1999 toyota corolla airbag


My air bag didnt deploy when a driver going 35 mph hit my right side passenger
bumper. Is that defect for the airbag?

Hello Youlanda

I'm sorry about your accident, I hope you were not injured.

Airbags are basically designed to prevent the occupant from going through the windshield (or side window) as a result of an impact.  If the impact is not severe enough, if you were not traveling fast enough, or if the impact was not at the correct angle, then in many cases the airbag will NOT deploy.  Once in a while we find a 'total loss' vehicle without a single airbag deployed.  These vehicles are often hit at exactly the wrong angle for any bag to deploy.
So when airbags deploy, multiple criteria have to be met.  But in general for an airbag to deploy, your vehicle speed needs to be over 30 mph, the angle of impact needs to be within 15 degrees of direct frontal or side impact, and now, with occupant sensors, someone needs to be in the seat of the occupant at risk.

I hope that help you understand your car a little better.

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