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QUESTION: I have a 96 civic ex 4 door the right front door window only go's down but not up and only driverside rear door power locks work.
I changed master switch passenger switch passenger window motor power window relay (blue box inside driver door) if I take the front window motor and plug it into the rear it gos up and down
Help plz

ANSWER: Hi Dave,
         I would say it is most likely the Master Switch or bad wiring in the door.

         If you got the master switch New then return it. Brand New Masters even from the Dealer can be Defective.  If it was used then buy another one if no warranty.

         Next time change the master switch in the sellers parking lot. Even if they do have a no return policy on electronic parts, sometimes seeing the same person 10mins later with the part you just sold them can change that Policy!

         Hope This Helps! Derek =D


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for ur answer I changed the master 3 times and then I ended up wiring it from the fuse boss the the most passenger switch and it worked

Mobile Glass Inc
Mobile Glass Inc  
Hi Dave!

         Glad to see things worked out for you! Determination pays off!
Sometimes we have to keep trying at the same job until we get it done!

         Hope This Helps! Derek =D          


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