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Hey Ben, I have gone through all the steps of removing my rear driver window. I'm at a stand still because not only has the channel moved but the gasket as well. How can I remove these without breaking my glass? When i go to reinstall it how to I crimp the channel back into place, do i do this before the install?

Hello Brandon,

The metal channel and rubber gasket are "pressed" onto the glass at the factory.  It is extremely difficult to duplicate this process in the field.  I have used two different methods to solve the problem.

First, try tapping on the end of the channel with a rubber or plastic hammer to move the channel and the gasket back into position.  If this works, remember to apply a little glue to the glass and gasket just before you have the channel back into its final position.

If tapping on the end of the channel doesn't work, you will probably have to pull the channel and gasket off the glass and then glue them back into place.  I suggest you use a two part epoxy type glue that is compatible with glass.  Once you have the channel off, you will probably need to widen the channel slightly in order to get it back on over the gasket.  Be careful not to widen it too much.  It should still take a bit of pressure to push the channel over the gasket and on to the glass.

Do not attempt to "crimp" the channel once it is on the glass.  It is very easy to shatter the glass and not worth the risk.

Feel free to send a follow up question if there is anything else I can help you with.

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