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Hi, my driver side manual roll up window glass froze during cold weather. I was approaching a toll booth and had to roll it down. I forced it pretty hard and it made a click. I rolled it the other way and it popped back for lack of a better term. Eventually it broke loose and the window rolled down. Now when I roll it up or down it has a notchy feel, not smooth. I want to inspect it to see if I can fix it somehow. Maybe I bent something? This is for an isuzu i280 2006. Do you have a suspicion of what I may have damaged and if it can be fixed? Could you tell me how to take the plastic side panel off properly? I have removed side panels before and am familiar with the plastic things that need to be pryed away, sometimes in a specific order. I usually break a few, and would like to avoid this. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mike.

Hi Mike,

The Isuzu dealer in my area is not real popular so I have not worked on this vehicle before.  However, I know it is the very similar to the Chevy Colorado with which I am very familiar.  So my advice will be based on what I know about the Colorado.

First you will need to remove the window crank handle.  There is a small metal clip about the diameter of a paper clip that is located just behind the round plastic portion of the handle.  You will need a small "hook" to pull the clip out of its slot in the handle.  Once the clip is out you can pull the handle straight off the stem of the window regulator.

To remove the door panel, take out the two screws in the armrest.  Remove the single screw behind the interior door handle so the small trim piece behind the handle can be removed.  The small triangular trim piece on the top right corner of the door panel should be carefully removed by inserting a flat blade like a 1" to 1 1/2" putty knife behind the trim piece to pry if from the door.  Then, starting at the bottom front corner of the panel use the same flat blade tool to release the panel "clips" around the perimeter of the panel.  Lift the panel up to remove it from the door.

Once you have the door panel off you can remove the plastic sheet that keeps the dirt and moisture inside the door from reaching the inside of the vehicle.  You might want to use a small utility knife to trim the tar-like adhesive that holds the plastic to the door.

Now you will be able to see why the glass isn't moving smoothly.  I suspect you might have broken one of the two plastic mounting brackets on the bottom of the glass.  Or one of the arms of the window regulator could be bent.  Whatever the problem is, you can send me a follow up question if you need some advice on how to deal with it.

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