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I am replacing the passenger front motor regulator. Finally got it out. Any tips for putting the new regulator/motor in? Only thr right front one is the original. Two motor bur out and one cable snap. Is this normal for the 2003 Buick? jerry asks for help

Hi Jerry,

The failure rate on the window regulators for the 2000 to 20005 Buick LeSabre are higher than average so it is no surprise to me that you have had multiple failures.

Here are a couple of tips for installation of the new unit:

1.  Raise the glass all the way up and secure it with a wedge or piece of tape.

2.  Slide the new regulator in with the top of the unit pointed toward the area where the side view mirror is located.  Then lower the unit into the bottom of the door.  Be sure the top of the unit is in front of the glass and then position the unit so that the three mounting bolts align with the corresponding mounting holes in the door.  If you have trouble getting the top bolt to line up properly, don't be surprised.  It is often a tight fit.

3.  Once you have the regulator positioned and bolted into the door, loosen the wedge or tape and manually lower the window down into the glass clamps.  Be sure that the back (right) edge of the glass is all the way back against the glass channel.  If you can reach the tightening bolts on the clamps tighten at least one of them.  

4.  Reconnect the electrical hardware on the door panel, turn the key to the on position and raise the glass all the way up and then tighten the bolt on the glass clamp that you couldn't reach when the glass was part way down.

5.  Operate the window up and down a few times to be sure that everything is tracking smoothly.  If you suspect any alignment problems, raise the glass all the way up, loosen the glass clamp tightening bolts and repeat steps 3 & 4.

6.  If you have any "spray silicone" lubricant on hand, now is a good time to lubricate the channels that the glass slides up and down in.  Just be sure not to use anything but silicone.

Hope this information helps.

Feel free to send a follow up question if you need anything else.  

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