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Auto Glass/2001 Stratus - rear window won't go up


i have a 2001 stratus i bought that the rear left window was down and wont go up on with either master or single switch. i replaced the motor and the window went down but again either switch wont go up. Any idea?

Hi John,

The two most likely causes of your problem are a bad switch or a broken wire.

These problems are difficult to troubleshoot without an electrical meter or 12 volt test light and a wiring diagram, but if you think you have the patience for it I can give you a rough outline of how to do it.

Remove the door panel, but plug the single window switch back into the wiring connector. Then disconnect the electrical connector that the motor wires plug into.

Turn the ignition on and have someone activate and hold the "down" side of the left rear switch button on the master window switch.

Using your test light or meter you should be able to get a reading on one of the two wires that feeds the motor.

Now that you have determined which of the two motor wires is "down", you know the opposite wire is "up".  Have someone activate and hold the "up" side of the left rear switch button on the master window switch and check for power at the "up" wire for the window motor.  Based on what you have told me, I doubt you will get any power on the "up" wire.

At this point you still don't know whether the problem is the master switch, the single switch, or a broken wire.  Most of the time it is the master switch, but since you can't return electrical parts, I don't advise you to buy a new master switch because it is still possible that it is a bad single switch or broken wire.

Without a wiring diagram you probably won't be able to determine which wires from the master switch serve the left rear window so I can't give you much more advice at this point.

Feel free to send me a follow up question if there is anything else I can help you with.

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