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QUESTION: I have a 2002 Tacoma quadcab and all four windows are not started when my truck would not start.ended up being feul pump and feul relay.but all four windows as well as aux.power outlets were not working.when I depress drivers side switch down the switch vibrates and buzzes but nothing when in up.and nothing on the other 3 switches.its been since September since this all happened.yester day the windows rolled down!but immediately would not go back up.i have a manual for truck but only covers Tacoma and 4runner models,not much help for me on this particular problem...any help would be huge

Thanks & mahalo nui,Tyler P.

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ANSWER: Hi Tyler

I would try replacing your Master Window switch! But First Check and see if there is also a Relay for the windows since you seem to be blowing relays.

I wish I had done a relay check on my Fuel pump before spending 200.00 on a new pump only to find it was the relay the whole time.

Master Switches are more prone to be intermittent the older the car gets. Unlike the Power window switches of old, when you could just replace the one bad door switch whether it was Left, Right, Front, Back!
Today's switches at least on the Drivers side door are all inter graded together as one unit  Mother board circuits and are called:

Master Window Switches!

Now it is very common for some of the other windows to work fine on that Master except the drivers side sometimes, so you will be able to test the Master switch with a jumper setup where you take the wires from the divers side of the switch to the side that always works, lets say the rear window.
This test would rule out both a faulty window motor and a bad Master Switch because if it still does not work on the side that always does then its the motor on the window regulator but it is a tricky test to do and is not recommended for just anyone.

If none of the windows are working, use an old unwanted cigarette lighter phone charger and strip wire ends and jump the window motor wires, which is fuse protected by lighter fuse.

Also check your fuses for the power windows and see if they are of the right amperage for the job like a 15amp in the 20 amp slot.
Replace any aftermarket or off brand fuses as they seem to be of poor quality. Next check your battery ends for corrosion and tightness, DON'T FORGET THE To Check the STARTER WIRE NUT this along with a bad ground cause excesses heat to Relays and Circuits! Anything suspect should be cleaned or replaced.
         Let me know what you find!
         Hope This Helps!  Derek =D

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: How would I locate the window switch relays?again the manual I have dosnt cover much on the four door Tacoma.

Thanks,Tyler P.


I searched the Internet and have no definite answer Some say over the glove box, others say by the drivers side kick plate by your feet so your best bet is Call the Dealer and give them the Vin they should be able to tell you where it is.

         Here is a picture of one. Don't forget to rate these answers!

         Hope This Helps! Derek =D

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