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I have a 94 Ford Taurus station wagon that I would love to customize. One of the projects would be to chop the top 2-4 inches. this means that I would have to have new glass made, or find the cars with glass that would fit with the lower height. Do you know if there are any companies that will make new custom sized glass?
Another consideration is to make it into a 'nomad' type with two doors rather than four, and ideally, I could take the doors and glass from a Cougar or Thunderbird for instance, but I think the windshield angle is different so I would need to change my ford windshield angle to match or get custom glass made. Or get the dimensions of two door car glass and find some that would match up. But then if I chop the top, I'd still have a problem with the rear lift gate glass. Think I have a chance? Any suggestions? Other than checking at the junk yard, is there anywhere to get the size, shape and dimensions (technical info ) for car glass out there?

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Hi Wendell!

Both of your Ideas sound cool!   BUT  Cool & Easy  don't play well with each other sometimes !

So lets start with the Windshield. The 94 Ford Taurus station wagon windshield Nags Part# Dw1097 fits all 1986-1995 Taurus & Sables  

The Windshield can be cut by any good glass guy and getting the window cheap if the guy cracks it is not a big deal either . Just ask for the cost upfront completely done using yours, and if they break it cost for New completely Done!

If all else fails 1/4 Polycarbonate or Lexan as used in NASCAR is also an option, but check your state laws

The door glasses are not a problem because a 2-4 inch chop will not effect the doors at all,
just roll them down to where you want to chop and your done!

Now the back glass will have to be either Lexan or totally customized by a Glass shop using tempered glass or you can go Fiberglass like the old rubble seats with hinges and work it in to the frame and paint?

Without the End sizes it will be hard to find glass that fits right for any application but glass can be made for almost any hole and then use mouldings to makeup for any shortfalls but here is a basic guide to follow when your considering glass fabrication costs:

 Flat glass is always cheaper than having a curved window made. Tempered glass is also cheaper and can have holes put in it for almost any application but once it is made it can not be trimmed or cut. Laminated or safety glass can be bought in sheets and cut to any size or shape but having a curved piece made from Lami will cost you dearly.

Finally a National Auto Glass Specifications book or ( NAGS)Book is a place for finding block sizes on glass for almost all cars and trucks either Foreign or Domestic.  but they only cover a certain amount of years and models per publication.

So to find your car you would look in the 1993-97 Domestic Nags Catalog and it will give you the sizes of the glass in your car. To find the glass from a Cougar or Thunderbird you would need to pick a year and model you think might work and look for the sizes you need and see if it matches with what you need. Now to save time,  find a glass guy who is willing to call his distributor and order parts in to try and fit your car, if they fit fine! if not he can return them. This is much easier way to get a good idea of what will fit. But there is always the junk yard. After all of this typing , I hope you let me see the final result of all your work.
Send any pictures to

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