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All my windows work from driver side master switch, but not from the passenger front switch or the rear switches. Picked up a used master switch and still had problem. Can buy new master switch from Rock Auto for $80.00 but do not want to purchase if something else is wrong. Saw some internet info about dirty contacts in switch and wondering if you have resolved problems by opening switch and cleaning contacts. Since windows work from master switch not motor problem but maybe window relay, wiring or lock out portion of master switch. What do you think? Mechanical level is high. Thanks

ANSWER: Hi Bill,

Since you have already replaced the master switch, I suspect you have a broken wire.  

To diagnose the problem I would first check the red/ wire coming out of the master switch to be sure it is supplying 12V when the lock out button is in the unlocked position.  If you have power there, check any one of the other three doors to be sure you are getting power on that same red/ wire coming into the single switch.  I suspect that you will not have power due to a broken wire typically found between the driver door and the body of the car right between the driver door hinges.

If you do find power on the red/ wire at the single switch I am not sure what to tell you.  I don't see any kind of a body control module or relay in the power window circuit on the wiring diagram I referred to.

Feel free to send a follow up question if I can help in any other way.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ben, Thank you for the quick response. I removed door panel and tested the red/lit blue wire coming out of master and it had 12 volts and then click the switch to window lock and not voltage-so switch is working. Then proceeded to open up connector between the door and body. Used 10mm socket to loosen screw on top and harness fell out of upper connector. Tried to disassemble top half of connector with no luck. Bottom connector consists of female connector with a plastic tie holding the thin rubber sheathing to the connector. MY next thought was to cut plastic tie and peel down the sheathing to try and find a broken wire but since your info has been so accurate thought I would ask if that is the next step. By the way if I move passenger side windows from driver master the movement stops if I push one of the other window buttons so I know there is a connection. Is my guess correct to cut tie and peel back rubber sheathing?

Hello Bill,

I usually don't make wiring repairs.  I refer my customers to a local shop that does electrical work exclusively.  So I don't have any advice on the proper procedure for searching in the connector between the door and the body of the car.

I think I would go to the trouble of pulling another door panel to see whether or not you are getting voltage on the red/lt. blue wire at the single switch before you start looking for a broken wire.  I am concerned that the problem may be something other than a broken wire that I am just not aware of and you will be looking for something that isn't there.

Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.

Ben  ..... the power window guy  

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