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Hi, I'm trying to replace the passenger window of my car after it got shot out. I have a 1999 Honda Civic Coupe EX. I haven't been able to find any source online that can tell me the dimensions for the window. I want to get a replacement window from a junkyard, but I need to know the dimensions. They were not in my owner's manual. If you know them or could tell me how I find them out I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Mobile Glass Inc
Mobile Glass Inc  
Hi Marlowe,

  Your door glass Part # FD5569GTY (GREEN TINT)  OR  FD20564GTY (SOLAR TINT)
Has a Block size of 20.8 x 41.3 and fits all Honda Civic 2dr Coupe and Hatchbacks from
1996-2000 BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The GTY at the end of the part # tells you that this part is Bonded and bonded means that it has all the 2 parts on the door to attach it to the window regulator , VERY IMPORTANT!  Do Not buy one without BOTH parts on it!

This Honda door needs Original glass in the doors, After market door glasses do not seem to fit well in these Honda Civics and bind up , causing damage to the whole inside door regulator and door locks.  
         I did locate one for you on Ebay if your interested Original Honda Glass 95.00 free shipping.

         Just copy this line into Ebay or Google
         96 97 98 99 00 honda civic OEM R door window glass 2d coupe

Let me know how you make out!  Hope This Helps! Derek =D  

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