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2005 highlander. i have read many complaints but cant find a real solution to the roller tack jumping off the square "roller", it seems as if the track that is crimped on the glass has moved. is this possible?

how do i find the correct position? would a new window come with this part installed?

thank you

Mobile Glass Inc
Mobile Glass Inc  
Hi Donald,

Most Toyota Tempered door glasses came with the glass channels Packed or Pressed on from the factory. Once they move off the rubber that's when the trouble starts.
I just do not think they come that way unless you buy Dealer Glass
 Here is an answer I spent over an hour on for someone who had a 1995 Toyota 4 Runner back glass who not only did not rate my answer, He did not even Read it! but for you it is the same application only if you don't want to do this job again soon I would remove the channel off the glass, prime both glass and Channel and glue it onto the glass. Toss Rubber in the Garbage. A nice healthy bead of 3M Urethane or equivalent will do the trick. (GOT GLOVES)

To find the correct position,,, with the regulator or channel not connected to the glass at all , slide glass and check to see if she slides up and down by hand with no hang ups.    Now have a friend hold the door glass all the way to the top or tape to the fully closed position. Now test the window Regulator for any problems, is the Regulator going up straight? If not there is your problem.  Not bent? Good.  

(WITHOUT THE GLUE )  and the door glass still in closed position
  Slide Channel onto Regulator arm rollers and center the channel as you roll it up slowly to the glass.  With the glass fully in the channel and the channel totally holding the glass up  both rollers should be Centered or evenly spaced on the channel , Remove tape or tell your friend to let go.  Now Mark vertical lines on the glass with a marker on both ends where the channel rests left and right. This is the top possession mark.

Now do a test roll down, TAP the window switch down to lower the glass 2 or 3 inches at a time holding lite pressure downwards on the glass as it goes all the way down,  Are your lines still good?  No?, Mark the Channel where she sits now. This is the Bottom possession mark

As long as the channel did not come off the regulator and the rollers look centered you can split the difference between the two measurements of top/Bottom possession mark and glue it there. Do a Couple of test rolls to see you have the best position !!!!! Remove all unwanted marks,  all said and done there should only be TWO lines to go by.

(WITH GLUE )Set window into channel by Sliding Channel onto Regulator arm rollers and center the channel as you roll it up slowly to your final marks on glass.  With the glass fully in the channel and the channel totally holding the glass up roll to top and your done!  Let dry for 2 days.  BEFORE you roll it down again, get your friend to tap the switch down while you hold both hands on each side of the glass and push in a downward position for the first 8 -12 inches so as not to have the window jam on the top and pulling the channel off and ruin all your hard work!    Wow is it that late?   Let me know how it works out.

Hope This Helps! Derek =D
         Here is that other answer.

1995 4 runner tailgate glass channel removal
Question:   Hello. I have to replace my window regulator because the plastic roller broke, so the window will work.  I have it pretty much torn apart and noticed the glass came out of it's channels .  I can't seem to pull the glass window out because it binds on the track about half way.  How do I remove the tracks or channels so I can remove the glass.  I ordered two new fillers to replace the rusted ones, so I need to take the glass out nonetheless.  Thanks for any help

Mobile Glass Inc

Hi Woody,

        You got a nice job on your hands there!!

Here is an answer for the 4 runner tailgate glass

There are three arms to that Toyota regulator.

Two for the glass and one goes to the door and it is called the third arm. Remove the third arm bolts and the whole regulator should let the glass come down

Also I believe the Channels are Packed on!

The metal channel is not "glued" to the glass at the factory.  The bottom of the glass has a rubber gasket applied between the glass and channel before the channel is "pressed" onto the glass.  Over time these rubber gaskets typically remain where applied, but the metal channels for a number of reasons slide forward on the rubber gasket that is on the glass just far enough so that the guide on the end of the regulator arm falls out of the back end of the channel or breaks the roller completely as in your case.  

When the you need to completely remove this channel off the bottom of the glass, the simplest solution is to move the channel off the rubber gasket by sliding it off the glass horizontally.  But if they will not budge you may need to use a lubricant and let sit for a while and use a piece of wood on the channel and tap the wood with a hammer until they move. Now if the glass has been glued by someone and is not the pressed on type for any reason then your in for some tough going unless you get out your utility knife, with a ( NEW BLADE!!) Gloves, Goggles, and the King James version as back up!

If all else fails bring it to a Pro and he will get out the torch and heat it and pull and cut until it comes off, Not recommended for a layman !!. Once off clean Glass and when reinstalling the gasket before you slide the channel back on add a small amount of glue to the rubber and this should prevent the channel from sliding forward again in the future.

Note: sliding the channel back into position may not be easy!  Your success will depend a lot on your level of skill and patience again you can always have a pro finish it.

Portions of statements from Ben B.

        Hope This Helps!  Derek =D



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