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Hi:  I have a 1994 Jeep Cherokee.  4 door - sport.  I have purchased glass for the drivers side vent window.  I need help with the steps required to install the new glass.  I have taken off the door handle and the inside panel for the door.  I can see the torx screw where the bottom of the glass channel is attached to the door.  I thought I was capable on my own or could find a you tube video to help.  Turns out it I can't find anything and it seems trickier than I thought!  Thanks D!

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Hi Stephen,

         This vent replacement is not that hard but it is involved and just getting the panel off is a very good start.  Now that Torx you found is the key to the whole job, it holds the Shelf Bracket for the vent glass and because there is no glue used on this application the vent just rests on it.

Leave the Torx in for now

Roll the Door glass all the way down and remove the vent/door glass vertical metal channel #5 on the Image.
There is one screw that is on top of the door frame and two 10mm bolts that are holding it in,  one in the center and one by the bottom of the door.  Push this channel aside as far as you can away from vent hole area.   Clean out all glass and dirt from remaining rubber gasket on door frame. Now that Torx! The trick is to remove the Torx and not loose it or the bracket inside the bottom of the door. Now install vent glass and replace bracket last. You know you have the vent in right when the hole is lined up to the shelf bracket, if it is not just keep pushing up or to the side until she lines up. Replace Vertical metal channel and your done!

Also if there is not enough room to get the vent into place , you may have to remove door glass but try to avoid this option if possible!

Let me know how you do!            SafeBite Sucks!

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