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The driver side power window will not go down. Driver power seat doesn't work either... Any connection between the two... How to fix both..

Hello Roger,

The most common problem I see on the driver's window of this vintage of Eldorado is a bad window switch.  However, the common problem is that the window is down and won't go back up.  I am assuming that your other windows work since you didn't mention any problem with them so that means we have power coming into the switch.  The next step is to check out the function of the switch.

Use a small screw driver under the FRONT edge of the switch plate to depress the spring clip that holds the switch plate against the armrest and lift the switch out.  Turn the ignition on, while operating the driver window switch check for power at the dark blue wire (up) and the dark brown wire (down).  If your test light or volt meter shows @ 12 volts on those wires then we know the switch is okay and the motor is the most likely problem.  Replacing the motor is too complicated a task to describe in an email.  There is a YouTube video at:


I have not watched the video, but I think it should give you enough information to get the job done.  It is not really that difficult a job once you know how to remove the door panel.

As for the seat, I don't ever work on them, but the process is about the same.  Pop the seat switch panel from the door panel and check for power coming into the switch and out of the switch and then proceed from there.

Send a follow up question if you need any thing else.

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