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Auto Glass/2006 Highlander rear window regulator


The regulator guide has slipped out of the lift guide twice this week. I believe that the guide has slipped back allowing the guide to slip out about halfway down it's travel. I've read you response to others with this issue but I'm unclear on how to reposition the lift guide. Could you help me? Thanks!

Hi Ken,

Typically the lift channel on the bottom of the glass moves toward the rear of the door allowing the end of the regulator arm to fall out of the lift channel as it raises the window.  It is difficult to describe exactly how to re-position the channel, but I'll give you a few steps that should make sense.

1. Remove the door panel

2. Remove the lower portion of the plastic dust/vapor sheet and secure it out of your way.

3. Unplug the wiring to the window motor.

4. Remove the four 10MM bolts that hold the window regulator and remove the regulator from inside the door.

5. Move the glass to a position where you can see the metal lift channel on the bottom of the glass.  By observing the front edge of the rubber insulator under the lift channel note that the channel has slipped back about an inch or so.

6. Re-position the glass so that you can exert some pressure on the back end of the channel with a small pry bar.  You may need to use a block(s) of wood to increase your leverage depending on the size of the pry bar.  It should not take too much pressure to move the channel back into its original position.

7. Put a small dab of quick drying epoxy cement on both ends of the channel to help it resist moving again in the future.

8. Make sure the inner portion of the run channel is adequately lubricated.

9. Raise the glass about 3/4's up and secure.  Install the end of the regulator arm in the channel and re-install the four mounting bolts.  Note: you may need to move the regulator arm by running the motor in order to make mounting the regulator a bit easier.

10. Re-install the dust/vapor barrier.  Reinstall the door panel.

Hope this helps.  Feel free to send a follow up question if you need anything else.

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