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Auto Glass/97Ford Expedition drivers window came off


So last winter the drivers side front window seperated from the rear bracket glued to the bottom. Being -10 at the time and my daily driver it took me a few tries to find a glue that would cure outside in those temps. In any case, the window only6 rolled down a few inches after that, then seemed to stall. Window switch has an AUTO down setting that I seem unable to avoid triggering. After a few AUTO down 'stall' type events the lower (bolted to the inner skin of door) track of the regulator popped loose leaving that end of the scissor arm free to stab thru the water shield and bind in the door...
Ok, so thats the history of this up till yesterday when I picked up a new regulator and installed it. Had to reglue theclip back to the lower portion of the window the day before as well as it had seperated. I used the old regulator as a guide for placing the rear clip. (Pulled window out, cleaned off old adhesive put cleaned clip on window then used the holes in the upper rail to align the clip correctly)
After getting it all bolted back together, I tried the switch it seemed to work till 1/4 down at witch point there was a loud clunk and the window tipped foreward (so I am guessing the clip again or the lower arm is again popped out of the slide) The window (when not connected to regulator assembly) moves up and down buttery smooth by hand.
Trying to self diagnose all I can think of is that I may have mis placed the clips on the window (I cant remember weather both came off last winter, and if so how I would have aligned them aside from using a piece of wood trim and marking it against the regulator inside the door) so the possibility exists that the clips are both either to the back or forward of thier intended positions.
I wanted to get some sort of guidance before tearing into the door panel again. Like check this/if "x" is "y" then "z".
I am usually fairly handy with a set of tools, but with power windows, if its not the switch, my standard solution is leave it closed...  :{

Hello Jason,

I have seen and repaired this problem many times on Ford Expeditions and F series pickups.
I think that you incorrectly positioned the glass mounting brackets when you re-glued them to the glass.  The easiest solution is to get a used door glass from your local salvage yard.  If that is not practical or too expensive, here is how I would mark the correct locations:

1.  Clean the brackets and adjust the gap so that they go onto the glass with a little pressure.

2.  Put the left bracket on the left side of the glass.  From the edge of the glass to the top left edge of the bracket it should measure 1 5/8 inches.

3.  Put the right bracket on the right side of the glass.  The right edge of the right bracket should be 21 1/2 inches from the LEFT edge of the glass.

NOTE: place your measuring tape on the left edge of the glass so that the bottom edge of the tape is even with the top edge of the glass brackets.

4.  Mark the proper locations and glue the brackets in place.

I hope this helps.  Feel free to send a follow up question if you need anything else.  

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