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hi Derek wanted to get a second opinion. I already asked Ben about what I'm  going to ask you.  we have a 97 grand am gt. Soon after we got it we noticed the passenger side window was having problems. it would go down and up very slowly and stall out completely. Now it wont work at all. The drivers side window is now doing the same thing. it moves just a little and then u have to wait a few minutes then it moves a little again. It can take all day to get it down or up. Ben says its the motors that's causing the problems. but I'm not sure that's what it is because the windows both went out in a short time of each other. It seems more like a relay or something else to me. Can u tell me if you think it is the motors or is there something else that my be causing my problems. id hate to go through the pain of replacing a motor and find out its still not working. I'm sure Ben knows what hes talking about but I need a second opinion. Any advice u have would be great. thanks in advance

Hi Tommie,

         Ben is usually dead on with motors so this might not help at all but there are only a few things I would check on to rule out a bad motor!  One is remove door panel and remove the plug connection to the motor and check for damage or loose fit. This is what I call the Summertime Window Problem , Summertime the motor works and Summertime's no! {Just had that same Exact problem with my Durango}

Next remove the two 10mm bolts that hold the window to the window regulator and check to see if the motor and regulator operate freely with no glass weight on them. Also check for loose bolts, broken plastic or loose wires or any parts in bottom of door. If the motor and regulator run fast and strong, put regulator all the way down and with Window still unbolted,  manually slide the window in the tracks up and down checking for a smooth travel in both directions.

If you have done all checks in order and put everything back together and even checked the fuse for correct amperage for heavens sake and it still does not work , I would say Ben was right again!  But it never hurts to get a second opinion and you sir are a smart man for doing so.
       I am sure you will fix the problem and there are plenty of YouTube videos on this car to help with this problem child.

 Let me know what you find when you rate my answer so I can help some other person with your reply.

         Hope This Helps! Derek =D          SafeBite Despair, SafeBite Disgrace!

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