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Hello -- my 2002 Ford Windstar has about 180,000 miles on it and is starting to develop power window problems. First problem we noticed was that the passenger side front window switch seemed to start sticking/not actuating, as if the contacts were getting worn, and it could not be lowered from either the driver or passenger side switch. We found that by wiggling the passenger side switch we could get it to actuate and then lower and raise the window from either side. But a few weeks ago, the passenger side window stopped functioning completely. Our assumption was that the switches for that window had gone bad on the passenger side, driver side, or both, with a break in the circuit keeping it from being controlled from either side. Since the passenger side switch had seemed first to misbehave, my first step was to replace that switch. Still no go. Next I decided I would try replacing the entire driver side window and lock control unit. Not wanting to pay $113 for a new replacement, I pulled one from a 1999 Windstar in a junkyard that I figured would fit my 2002 because it also fit right into a 2003 in the yard. But the connecter plugs in mine turned out to be different. However, I am now starting to suspect the motor is bad on the passenger side, because when I press the switch for the passenger side front window from either the driver or passenger side, I can hear a relay clicking inside the passenger side door. My hypothesis is that since the relay is clicking, the switches on both sides must be doing what they are supposed to do, and that the fault must lie in the motor. Do you think that is probably correct and that I should next try replacing the motor on the passenger side?

Hello Bill,

A faulty switch is usually NOT the problem with this vintage of Ford Windstar van.  It is most often a bad window motor.  Replacing the motor is not a simple task on this vehicle because the window regulator is riveted to the door and the door glass is riveted to the regulator.  Unless you have a lot of mechanical skills / tools you might want to let a professional handle this repair for you.

Feel free to send a follow up question if I can help in some other way.


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