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I am trying to replace a window regulator and glass for the driver door on a 2004 Lincoln aviator... I am only finding the glass for a Navigator. Could you tell me if I could use the glass from a Navigator on an Aviator?


Hi Tijuana .I did spend a long time answering this for you! Can you tell me how you made out and RATE ANSWER PLEASE!!

I am sorry it took so long to get back but this one was tough. So here is what I got.

This 2004 Lincoln Aviator door glass is Laminated safety glass and will only crack and not shatter and is only made in that form. For this reason it is very expensive.

Your door glass is one of the first made in Laminated or windshield glass in the Ford Linc Mercury line.

While all the Trucks mentioned here share the same Windshield part # Dw1474GBN

         The two door glasses do not interchange as far as part #s at all and have totally different block sizes , (which is the name for the overall measurement) of the glass.

Still that does not mean they could not be used at all in some cases
The Aviator left front door part # DD10172 measures 23.4 X 32.2
but the Navigator # DD10016 is way bigger at 24.8 X 32.1

So knowing the Aviator door glass is VERY EXPENSIVE 129.00 plus shipping on Ebay Yuck!

I looked for other possible block size matches that may also work.

Only looking at pictures of these two door glasses an Not having them with me side by side I would try the much less expensive 03 - 07 Ford Explorer 4 Dr door glass as it just might be the one that may fit? The part # DD9871 measuring 23.8 X 32.0 and having both the closest block size , regulator brackets and shape matches closest to what you need. SO since you now have two to choose from I hope one will fit.

All Brackets can be drilled or moved as far as attaching the door glass to the regulator so don't worry too much about that. The only question left is will the Navigator or Ford Explorer door glass work as far as the outer shape and inside curve ? This is what I would do...........

Take off the door panel and remove old door glass if you didn't already and go to the auto salvage yard with the truck and see if any of the door glasses will work by first matching it on the counter and then put them in the door and manually sliding each one up and down and checking for binding and fit.

         Please let me know which one worked if any and how you made out!
         Hope This Helps! Derek =D  

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