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QUESTION: Hi Derek - in the below post you indicated that new replacement quarter glass could be found on ebay for approx $60 but when I search now, four years later, I can only find it for 135 shipped - do you think this is decently priced? Local junkyard has one for 50 but I am heeding your advice and going for new to avoid headaches with the installation. I have never replaced car glass and will probably take it to a local shop. I am in zip code 18436 about 15 miles east of Scranton PA  so if you can recommend someone please let me know. Thanks for your advice!

2001 Nissan Pathfinder quarter glass replacement

Mobile Glass Inc
Mobile Glass Inc  
ANSWER: Hi Mike ,
         New glass has gone up a lot over the last 3 years so the old advice given has now changed.
         Yes the wrecking business has been Crazy the last 4 years with cars going to China in an alarming rate that has just now slowed down a bit and used parts are getting harder to find at good prices but it seems you have found gold there for 50.00!!!

Forget what I said about new on this one because if the guy cut it out ok and you still see all the molding intact on the glass when they put it on the counter its a steal! If it has the clips like the door panel clips on her that is a Jackpot! I have no idea who is selling one on Ebay for 135.00 but if I had to buy a new one of these for a customer I would have to pay 195.00 Go Used if you can!
         The glass you need is available from these choices

1997 - 2004   INFINITI   QX4   4 DOOR UTILITY

  As far as an installer I can give you my friend Roger in Montoursville PA if you want to take the ride or he may meet you half way?

Contact me at for the phone number.
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         Hope This Helps! Derek =D

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QUESTION: Thanks,Derek  -  the molding was there and appeared to be intact (clips were not though),so I made the purchase. How much should I expect to pay for installation on it? Your friend in Mountoursville would be too far away so I am looking locally. Mike

Hi Mike ,

         You would pay about 50.00 in my area but do not know your area so it could be more if your getting Mobile service maybe 75-80. You never did tell me the side of the car you are replacing but I do believe the drivers side has an antenna on most models and you should check that! Also Make sure the guy puts the clips back in if the clips are still on your car.
Let me know how it works out?

         Hope This Helps! Derek =D  

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