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Hey Derek,

I need a new windshield for my 2002 Grand Prix with the Heads-Up-Display option.
I read somewhere that the windshield is a special order.  I found a used one in excellent condition for $20 bucks, but the guy selling it has no idea if it came out of a GP with the HUD option.
Question, what affect (if any) will a regular windshield have in a HUD vehicle?

Best regards,

Hi Colin ,
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Your Grand Prix came with Heads up display option and you should keep it that way!

Heads up Display technology was taken from fighter jet planes as a way to project vital information from the planes gauges onto a small display area on the windshield so a pilot would not have look down and take his eyes off the windshield to check them , Hence the name 'Heads UP'!

If you do not use the heads up window you will only have to look down to read gauges nothing more. Its common in the Toyota Prius and some people really like it and can't live without it.

The Heads up version is readily available from PPG or at any Professional Auto glass shop  

Ask yourself if your going to sell it soon or even hold on to it as a classic?
300.00 for the DW01289GBN Heads up window installed is worth it if the car is going to be sold soon because it adds value.
If you want to retain the cars value and hold on to it as a classic the heads up window is available still and I would get one now before they stop making them.

If it is just a daily driver I would go with the less expensive DW01288GBN glass at the 189-229.00 price installed.

A 20.00 window is nothing but trouble unless the guy says he does have the DW01289 glass and its in good condition. Still have a Professional Auto glass shop install it for you.

         Hope This Helps!
         Derek =D

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