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I am having difficulty in finding a simple window hold down(s) for an 2002 Toyota Camry xle. Current holders were sheared when the regulator gave way, window was not damaged and would like to avoid purchase of entire driver side window merely for these items where can they be found if they can be found.

Hi Javier Lopez,
         I know of no place that has or sells Toyota door glass brackets BUT the most likely place to find them is an auto glass shop. Even Better an Auto glass shop that  works for the Local Toyota Dealer call them and ask.

 The Toyota Dealer can also tell you if the exact brackets for your car are available if the auto glass guys don't have them using the VIN # ,, as some of the door glasses were made here in the USA and others were made in Japan and they actually have different part #s depending on the place made.

Aftermarket Universal brackets are available for 15.00 each x 2 = 30.00 but will they work for you? Not likely!

Depending on your location a new aftermarket Bonded with the brackets door glass can cost as little as 55.00  over the counter.  Here on the east end of LI NY we sell them for 65.00 over the counter.

In my Expert opinion that is the way I would go because even after you get the new brackets you still have to glue them onto the door glass and if you are off the mark as to the placement of these brackets even a little bit the door glass will not roll up and down correctly and possibly destroy the window regulator and or the glass.

And That is probably what started this problem in the first place!
Let me know what you find!
         Hope This Helps!
         Derek =D          Safelight SUCKS!

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