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Hello Ben,

I have a 1997 Toyota Camry, and recently I have had some issues with my driver side power window.  When I lower it and attempt to raise it back up immediately afterwards it will sometimes only go a few inches up and then stop.  It seems to lose all power, unless I turn off the ignition, turn it back on, then try again.  Then sometime it will go all the way up, but other times it takes me several times of doing this before it will raise completely. But when I lower it and leave it for awhile, then try to raise it up, it so far has not failed when doing it that way. Almost as if it needs a rest between lowering and raising the window.

I have looked on Ebay for power window motors but it seems that they come with 'Regulators', and other parts.  So I don't know exactly what I need to fix the problem.  Common sense tells me it's just the motor going bad, but I admit I'm clueless about these things so I need a little help.  

Can you tell me, from what I have described so far, is what I need just a power window motor?  And what is the 'regulator' for, and is it necessary to replace that as well?  Thanks for your help.  

Gary in WV

Hi Gary,

The description of your problem is very typical of a failing window motor.  

The "regulator" is the mechanism that moves the window.  The window motor is mounted on the regulator.

Here are three Youtube videos that should help you decide whether or not  you want  to replace just the motor or whether to  replace the motor and regulator as an assembly.

Please send a follow up question if I can help with anything else.  

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