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I have a 2002 Mazda Tribute ES-V6 with a problem with the power windows. I bought the tribute used in the fall and everything worked fine. When the weather turned cold the power windows would not work,it was like no connection. However, if I hit the interior door near the switch, the connection returned and the window would work, for a while. So whenever the windows would not work, I would hit on the door until they did. Now they have gotten worse and will hardly work at all. Regardless of the temperature. Any suggestions ? I hate to go to the dealer, they cost too much,

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Mobile Glass Inc  
Hi Barbara ,
         Sounds like you need a new Master switch or you may have a bad ground.

Take it to an auto glass shop NOT {SAFEBITE}and they can tell you whats going on and they are usually half of what the dealer would charge.

If you or a friend want to open up the door yourself and check the connection to the Master switch it is not hard to do at all.
I just cant remember if you can just lift out the entire Master switch plate off alone or have to take off the whole door panel to remove it but even so its only 4 Phillips screws and some prying and whole door panel is off.

Check to see the connection to the Master is Locked in!
Look for burn marks on switch or loose wires.
         Let me know what you find!



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