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I am building a replica sportscar and I need to find a windshield that I can cut down to fit.  Is there a website that I can download a file/program to find automotive windshields by size/measurements?  Thanks

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Hi James ,

         The only Auto glass program or file I know of is a Nags Program that Michell Parts rents by the year to auto glass shops to look up parts but its way expensive and I am not even sure it carries the block sizes on it.

         The best way to match up a curved window that you are looking to customize is look at a Model that is the closest match as far as shape an fit and ask me to look up that car individually and see if it will fit your car and I will give you the Block size or you can just tell me the exact car your making and I can tell you what I think you could use in it?*  (* This option requires a Very small donation to the St Jude kids hospital )

Example:   My 80's Johnson Presidential Rumble seat Roadster was # 47 of 50 built by Johnson Motor corp of Dania Beach Fla and although the frame is off a Cadillac Deville , The front windshield belongs to a 1979 MGB Midget.

If the window is flat , just make a pattern and it can be cut out of Laminated Safety Glass and then gasket or glue it in.

If all else fails a sheet of Poly carbonate can be made into any window you need just like they use in NASCAR cars and then Rivet , Gasket or Glue it in. .

         Let me know what the car is that your making and I will see what options there are for you.

Pictures Help a lot when sending requests for match ups!

Hope This Helps! Derek =D          SAFEBITE SUCKS!!!!!!  

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