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Rav4 2012

Hi Ben,
The drivers side window will go half way up and then go back down.  If I try to hit it up in pulses on the switch I can get it halfway up after than it seems to jam and goes back down.

I took the panel off, The slip / slash nearest to the door lock is in place not broken but there is no set screw in it, just seems to be glued in place on the track and clip.  Can't see the other clip towards the side mirror as it blocked by metal, but it all seems to be on the track.  

I guess its the track mechanism?  If so would a glass place be able to replace that?  Would hate going to the dealer they charge close to $200 just to look at it here.  I'm located in central NJ, 08857.


Hi Tom,

I see two common problems on this and other similar Toyota models.

The first problem involves a missing bolt that connects the window regulator to the glass.  I think this is what you are describing in your second paragraph.  If you search in the bottom of the door you will probably find the missing 10MM bolt.  After you find the bolt, position the glass on the regulator so that the plastic mounting bracket that is glued to the bottom of the glass lines up with the hole in the "lift channel" on the window regulator.  (Be sure to look at the front and rear of the glass to be sure that both edges are properly seated in the rubber "run channels".)  Now you can re-install the missing bolt and everything should work fine again.

The second problem involves a broken glass mounting bracket or a bracket that comes unglued from the bottom of the window.  The best solution for this problem is a new piece of glass.

Feel free to send a follow up question if there is anything else I can help with.

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