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Auto Glass/Replace 06 Pontiac G6 Vent window


Hi, I was just wondering how hard it is to replace the driver side vent window in the rear door. I have the sedan so the window has no function besides being a window. please let me know if you have any information a.s.a.p I would really appreciate it. I cant find any information on this online at all. thanks

Hi Jon ,

         The Left rear vent window on the 06 Pontiac G6 Nags Part # DV10859 GTY

may be hard to replace because it requires the removal or partial removal of the door glass / vent vertical channel. This is the bar that the Vent and Door glass share, twisting or bending of this metal the wrong way may cause damage to the door glass.

Try to get a used vent from a junk yard but the part may have to be ordered from the dealer because New is almost impossible to get outside of the Dealer.

In any case I do suggest that you call in a professional glass shop to install it for you because of the high cost of this part.

Nags List Price 502.25

Hope This Helps! Derek =D

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