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My car windshield may not be sealed properly, I sometimes hear minor crackling noise. What would be a reasonable cost if I took it to an auto glass place, just to apply extra sealant around the edges? I saw a product at auto parts stores called 'Permatex Flowable Silicone Windshield and Glass Sealer' and would do it myself, but I don't have a steady hand.   Thanks

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Hi Lee ,

         The Windshield on most cars today are part of the vehicles safety system and MUST be installed properly!

Structural integrity of the car depends on it as well as proper Air Bag deployment.

Without knowing the Year Make and Model of your car , I would only be guessing as to the chances of you actually Resealing the window yourself or the costs to have it resealed

by a glass shop but anytime you hear any noise coming from a windshield or have any water leaks or Air noises it is a strong indication that the window is not properly installed and is unsafe.

All these factors considered I have to strongly recommend a Total Replacement of this windshield by a seasoned professional.          

If your windshield was ever replaced by your insurance company's (Preferred) or SafeBite shop  take it back to them and they have to make that car safe to drive ( Free of charge ) weather it was replaced last year or 10 years ago.   

Under no circumstances should Silicone be used to Seal or Reseal a windshield unless its on a pleasure Boat.
         If you need help finding a Professional Glass Shop in your area I will find one for you!!!

         Hope This Helps!    Derek =D            SafeBite Sucks !  

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